Today I made a HUGE investment in my film career, as I bought a Sony A7S II and an entry level Steadicam.
I have been eyeing this camera for a while, and one day at work I was checking over a low grade Sony A7S II and instantly I fell in love. I knew I had to have this camera. So I cleaned it up real well and told my manager I wanted the camera when it was available. He nonchalantly gave me an answer of “We have to buy it first and then you can go through the sales to get the camera.” I wasn’t 100% satisfied with his answer so I went to some surrounding coworkers, full of excitement, that I knew could help me along with the process.

It was a grueling 3 day wait as the item had to be written up, bought, and shelved before I could even begin to buy it. Sunday came and without being able to stay calm, I began ordering accessories for this baby because I knew it was coming home with me on Monday. I got in to work and as soon as 8:25 AM hit I was ready to buy the camera. I went to the sales person who could sense my eagerness and began to place my order. Something told me to call my credit card company before placing the order because they would most likely deny this charge thinking it was fraud. I attempted to give them a heads up but yet it still declined. So now I was in a rush to call back and confirm that it was me trying to buy the camera.

Needless to say after a 5 minute conversation, everything was squared away and in less than an hour, my baby (Sonyalphita) was in my hands. I still had to get through the day of work but all I could think about was what lenses should I get now…