My name is Gabrielle Williams. With over 4 years of camera operator experience, I have worked with many brands such as RED, Black Magic, Sony, Panasonic, and Arri. My experience spans the red carpets of Los Angeles all the way to indie films, self-made documentaries, and live performances. With the love of all things filmmaking, I have also become well versed in Steadicam operating, editing, sound mixing, location scouting, directing, light design, and special fx makeup.

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia and work as a video lead technician at one of the largest camera distributors. In the past, I have worked as an event planner at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, a studio manager of the well-known photography company The Picture People, a lead photographer with LifeTouch, and many more.

Ever since I was a young child, I have found all things art to be a huge part of my life, I hope to one day see my name in the credits of a big screen feature. I currently run a YouTube channel for vlogging and fashion as a way to connect myself to the art form of filmmaking. Being new to Atlanta, I am always looking for events and projects to work on because my passion is to “tell every story magically”.



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